Epic Explorer

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Product Description

The Epic Explorer Gigatrunk is your ultimate on-the-go duffle.

EPIC Explorer is beautiful gear for function freaks, but we promise that Explorer’s functionality is so clever and discreet that it won’t distract or get in your way.

From the cavernous MegaTRUNK to the compactly genius PipeLINE, EPIC Explorer will likely impress you with its agility.

• Lightweight and durable construction.

• Reinforced rip−stop polyester main material to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight.

• Reinforcement straps with fix−lock closure system add security and allow extra packing possibilities on the outside of the case.

• Split packing system enables better organization, overview and balance.

• Extra carrying handle on the bottom for more flexible lifting, loading, and stowing.

• Quick access outer pockets.