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    Was: $85.00
    Now: $60.00

    Go through your day knowing your items are safe and by your side with this lightweight small nylon s…

  • Solstice

    Introducing the Solstice Travel Tote Bag. Adding extra punch to your ensemble with playful gold colo…

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    Now: $71.25

    Elegant, resilient, and functional -- the Lilly crossbody bag from Beside-U ticks all the boxes. It …

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    Now: $72.00

    Travel with your essentials safely by your side with this elegant and lightweight nylon cross body. …

  • Felix

    Introducing the Felix Two-Tone Travel Backpack. Functional, practical, playful. This style also incl…

  • Surface

    There’s no turning back once you discover the functionality of the Surface satchel, a new styl…

  • Biking Red

    Looking for a tote that suits your excellent taste for quality bags? Then you'll be blown away by th…

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    Was: $100.00
    Now: $60.00

    Juliana has a great look, awesome colours and two new security features: a click hook to lock the ma…

  • Ruffle

    Reimagine your daily carrying style with the versatile Ruffle satchel, a new style from the BSA coll…

  • Stanyan

    The Stanyan Duffel Bag comes with ample space to store your items for a weekend trip. From the Nutop…

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    Was: $92.00
    Now: $55.00

    This bag is a part of our new collection that has a great look, awesome colours and two new security…

  • Mood Blue Front

    Discover the modern Makayla CA backpack, a sleek and polished style designed to keep you on the move…

36 of 179 Items